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Folding Electric Clothes Drying Rack Clothes Dryer Portable Outdoor Travel Mini Clothing Shoes Heater Fast Drying Hanger New, White (150W 220V) Plastic Hanger                

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The hanger functions as it is, and it also functions as a dryer. There is also an air duct for shoes that can be used for both drying clothes and drying shoes. It can handle the dehumidification, sterilization and anti-odor of clothes and shoes, and protects the health of the family. Cold wind and hot wind two gear temperature adjustment, Automatically enter the hot air mode when the machine is turned on. The clothes are dried quickly with warm air at 50 ° -60 °. After 3 hours, the clothes will automatically switch to the cold air state (can also be manually switched to cold air at any time). You just have to dry an item? Using a conventional dryer is a waste of money. And a dry cleaner can take too long and is expensive. is the hook to dry the perfect bra. This portable dryer is also perfect as a tumble dryer. Just hang it up, plug it in and dry it! For Light Weight And small clothes like suits, coats, dresses, jackets, T-shirts, infant wear, underwear but not included silk cotton clothes. They are conversion and best for drying shoes. The air cover is formed inside the clothes, so that the hot air can gather and circulate in the clothes to dry clothes quickly Human-oriented one-key control. Built-in micro-machine, protection, automatically change- hot air into cold air after 3 hours.


Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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